Secured Credit Card - FAQs

A Secured Credit Card works like any other credit card except it requires a security deposit which is held as collateral for your account.

  • Request a credit limit between $300 and $5,000; $100 increments
  • Provide a deposit for that amount
  • Help build your credit by using your Secured Credit Card, staying within your credit limit and making on-time monthly payments.

The security deposit is held to secure your credit line. Funds cannot be withdrawn from the security deposit or applied as payment for balances or fees. Funds in the collateral account do not earn interest.

We report information to all three major credit bureaus, helping you build a solid credit rating for the future. Prepaid cards and debit cards do not report information to credit bureaus and cannot help you build your credit.


The Secured Card design looks exactly like a standard credit card, and it can be used for purchases and payments just like any other credit card.

You may be able to get your security deposit back upon review and graduation, in as little as 13 months. You can close your Secured Credit Card and request your deposit back at any time. Allow 90 days for the return of your security deposit. If you have an outstanding balance on your Secured Credit Card, your deposit will be applied toward that balance if it is not paid in full.


You must still make at least your minimum monthly payment each month. If you do not make your minimum payment or make a late payment, you could lose your security deposit and be reported to credit bureaus as delinquent.

Cardholders can graduate to an Unsecured Card in as little as 13 months (subject to review). the transition from Secured to Unsecured Card is easy - you will keep using the same plastic and you will still have the same account number.

Additional Features

  • Fraud Monitoring & Zero Fraud Liability
  • Text & Email Fraud Alerts
  • Chip Card Security
  • Travel Accident Insurance1
  • Cell Phone Protection2
  • Mobile Payments
  • 24/7, U.S.- based Customer Service
  • Financial Education

1Coverage applies when the entire cost of the fare (less redeemable certificates, vouchers, or coupons) has been charged to the card. your account must be in good standing. Restrictions to coverage may apply.

2Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. In order for coverage to apply, you must charge your eligible cellular wireless bill to your covered card. to learn more about this benefit or to file a claim, visit or call 1-866-894-8569.

Subject to credit approval. This card is issued by TCM Bank, N.A.