CSB employees have spent months preparing for a technology uplift. Also, at this time, we will be introducing new and improved products and services.

The project takes place beginning 5pm on Friday, October 26 through 8 am on Monday, October 29.

While our intent is to minimize the impact to our customers, please know that you may experience a short disruption in the services you currently enjoy. Click here for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Technology Uplift

Instructions for Quicken/Mint Users

You will need to modify your Quicken settings to ensure the smooth conversion of your data. Click on the appropriate link below for complete instructions for Quicken and Mint users.

CSB Mint Conversion Information
CSB Quicken_Mac_15-16_Conv_EWC-DC
CSB Quicken_Mac_15-16_Conv_EWC-EWC
CSB Quicken_Mac_15-16_Conv_WC-DC
CSB Quicken_Mac_15-16_Conv_WC-WC
CSB Quicken_Mac_2007_Conv_WC-DC
CSB Quicken_Mac_2007_Conv_WC-WC
CSB Quicken_Win_Conv_EWC_DC
CSB Quicken_Win_Conv_EWC-EWC
CSB Quicken_Win_Conv_WC-DC
CSB Quicken_Win_Conv_WC-WC